We go far beyond the role of a typical wholesale HVAC distributor. Our standard no-charge services far exceed industry standards.



Sales Support Services

Operational Support Services

Our Website
GeoSource and our partner manufacturers have high impact websites designed to initiate the selling process. Visitor names and contact information are forwarded to our dealers

Industry Liaison
We are committed to keeping our dealer's names in front of prospective customers and influential groups such as builders, architects, engineers.

Home Shows
We participate with our dealers in regional, state and local trade shows. We can provide appropriate backdrops and signage, resources to help you man the booth and lead follow up.

Open Houses
Seeing is believing. We participate with our dealers at open houses by assisting with developing an agenda, providing signage, preparing press releases and invitations.

Mass Mailings
We prepare tailored mass mailings and assist in the design, production and fulfillment of the mailings.

Print Advertising
We provide our dealers with professionally designed, print ready artwork for placement in targeted publications.

Targeted Email
We prepare and send an HTML newsletter to our dealer's leads. Leads are gold. Keep in touch.

Equipment selection
We can recommend a suitable and properly sized unit for your project. Many options are available. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right system.

Life cycle cost analysis
This is one of the keys to successfully selling geothermal systems. We provide a complete, easy to understand cost analysis.

Loop design
Good loop design is critical to the proper operation of the system. We can provide a thorough loop design using sophisticated software and standards/guidelines set forth by IGSHPA.

We help our dealers locate and build a relationship with local qualified contractors to install loop fields for your projects. Or, we’ll help you get started installing your own loop fields.

You’re not alone on your first installation. We’ll personally help you install your first geothermal system including loop installation/start up.

Training is critical to ensuring proper installation practices. We offer a variety of training classes designed for your busy schedule.

Technical support
We will provide you with after the sale technical support by phone or on-site if necessary.